We created Showcase to bring extraordinary value to your organization.  In addtion to enhancing your operation and ability to serve the public, your donors will be delighted to see your professional management of their treasured gifts!

Showcase is the world's only collection management software created specifically for small community-based museums and private collectors.

Showcase for Museums

Very affordable and professionally developed with an intuitive design, Showcase is perfect for museums which rely on part-time or volunteer staff.

With Showcase, easy and affordable doesn't mean losing great features previously found only in expensive systems.  Here's just a sample of the terrific benefits your organization will realize:

Quicky respond to complex inquiries such as  "Do we have any 19th century dolls made by the T Clayton Co?"

Maintain a complete record of every artifact, showing donor, condition, and location along with photographs!

Display photographs of of your artifacts, then zoom for closer inspection!

View fragile documents such as letters and newspaper clippings without the need to handle them!  Even print a copy directly from Showcase!

Quickly locate artifacts belonging to a collection with easy cross-reference to all related items!

Automatically print display cards for artifacts on exhibit!

Maintain membership records, identify individuals with specific interests or expertise!  Target market your special exhibitions! 

Built-in security allows you to specify whether individuals can update or only view information!  Provide public access workstations!

Easy to learn and use, even for part-time or volunteer staff!

Now the best news - you pick your price!

Our all-inclusive lease plan offers convenience and ease of budgeting.  With unlimited toll-free customer support, free software upgrades, and no acquisition cost, fees are based on the size of your collection:

$200 per year for up to 4000 objects
$220 per year for up to 8000 objects
$240 per year collections over 8000 objects

Leasing provides you with everything you'll ever need for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee!

Our 'a la carte' purchase plan offers just the Showcase Collection Management module for a one-time fee based on the size of your collection:

$450  for up to 4000 objects
$550  for up to 8000 objects
$650  for collections over 8000 objects

Add the Membership Management module for just $100.  Your investment includes 3 months of customer support with additional support available at $130 per year or $45 per incident.  Software upgrades are offered for a fee based on the features added.

Showcase - For community-based museums!

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