We invite you to download a copy of MedRight to see how it can benefit your organization.  For your convenience, we have included a sample database and suggest that you download a demonstration guide to step you some of it's key features. 

MedRight Download

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After downloading the demonstration:
     1.  Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation
     2.  Please choose the default answers to the installation questions

To start the demonstration, double-click the MedRight shortcut on your Windows desktop.  If MedRight was unable to create a desktop shortcut, alternatively double-click the NHS40.EXE (for a nursing home system), HCS40.EXE (for a home care system), or PHL40.EXE  file located in the C:/MedRight folder.

When prompted for a username and password, enter ADMIN for each.  Refer to the Demo Guide for a review of some of MedRight's key features.


Please make a note of the following information needed to run the demo:
Authorization Code             :wa002212741400
      Username & Password       ADMIN     (enter for both fields)

All MedRight Scheduling systems will be ICD10 compliant by 12/1/2013